Randi Clites is a proven leader and tireless advocate for access to quality healthcare and community services.

Driven to action by her son Colton, who was diagnosed at a young age first with a rare genetic bleeding disorder, then with leukemia, Randi has dedicated her life to giving back to the community that has given so much to her and her family. Randi has been a consistent volunteer at Akron Children’s Hospital where she has served on many committees, including: Parent Advisory Council, Family Centered Care, Ethics, Drug Safety, and many quality improvement projects. She has used her personal experiences to work on behalf of all of Ohio’s most vulnerable children through Ohio’s Title V program, BCMH; serving on the 2006 Legislative Task Force on the Future Funding of the BCMH program and currently serving as the Chair of the Parent Advisory Council.  She has advocated on the national level when she represented Ohio through the Association of Maternal and Child Health Family Scholar Program and she recently won the Advocate of the Year award from the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Randi, her husband Matt, her son Colton, and their two dogs are lifelong residents of Portage County. Randi is currently the Associate Director of the Northern Ohio Hemophilia Foundation and serves as the Advocacy Coordinator for the Ohio Bleeding Disorders Council. In addition to her professional work, Randi has a long history of community involvement, which included volunteering as a Big Sister through Portage County Big Brothers and Sisters and many years as a softball coach for both Ravenna and Kent Parks and Recreation.

In the 1950’s, Randi’s father moved their family from West Virginia to Ravenna because there were more opportunities for work. As State Representative, Randi will fight to ensure that Ravenna, Portage County, and Ohio are full of those same opportunities her dad found decades ago.

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